Beldray Cordless Quick Vac Lite, 22.2 V, Blue



If you are short of storage space or simply dislike using heavy upright vacuum cleaners, this compact Beldray Quick Vac Lite is the perfect choice. With a high efficiency motor and a HEPA filter, it provides powerful cleaning and quickly collects any dirt in the 500 ml tank. Handheld and rechargeable, it has a flexible hose and an extendible tube as well as a 22.2V battery which retains power for longer with up to 25 minutes operating time from one charge so you can enjoy fast cordless cleaning.

  • The Beldray Cordless Quick Vac Lite has an ergonomic design and cyclonic technology to provide brilliant floor to ceiling cleaning.
  • Conveniently cordless, it enables you to clean the entire house efficiently without tripping over wires or stopping to change plugs.
  • It comes with a small brush, crevice tool and 360 rotating brush as well as an extendible tube which allows you to clean high or low.
  • With powerful suction and a 500ml dust tank, it can pick up even small bits and has a high efficiency floor brush for a better clean.
  • This lightweight, compact vacuum is suitable for all floor types and comes with a flexible extendable hose which is ideal for stairs.




I find this cleaner excellent, light and efficient. The attachment that connects the crevice tool and the the telescopic tool that connects the no4 has got stuck on the telescopic tool which means that I cannot use the crevice tool. Is it possible to order a connector separately. Thank you Breda jordan



Love this vacuum but am disappointed that there is no wall bracket. I'm short on space and needed to store on a bracket, wondering if there is 1 available for this product.

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