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Beldray Easy-Fill Iron with 200ml Water Tank, 2400 W, 2.5 Power Cord



Achieve brilliantly crease-free clothes with this powerful Beldray Easy-Fill Iron, featuring variable temperature control so you can use the right settings to care for your fabrics. It has a 200 ml water tank which is simple to refill and an easy-grip handle for maximum comfort whilst ironing. Featuring a 2.5 metre power cord, the iron has a ceramic soleplate for smooth ironing and an anti-drip function to avoid spillages on the clothes. Great for stubborn creases, this is perfect for any home.

  • Perfect for removing stubborn creases, the Beldray Easy-Fill Iron is ideal for getting through the laundry quickly and efficiently.
  • With 2400 W power, the iron features a variable temperature control so you can reach the correct heat for a variety of fabric types.
  • The iron has an easy to refill 200 ml water tank with a self-clean function and an anti-calcium filter to tackle hard water and scale.
  • With burst of steam and water spray functions, the iron can remove tough creases while the 2.5 m power cord makes it convenient to use.
  • Designed with a ceramic soleplate to glide over laundry, this iron boasts a royal blue exterior which will look great in any setting.
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