Beldray Round Sensor Bin, 40 Litre, White



Dispose of your waste the hygienic way with this fantastic Beldray bin which opens using a sensor so you will not have to touch anything to use it. With a 40 litre capacity the bin has plenty of space to fill a large bin bag before you need to empty it and when it does need emptying the lid can be easily removed. Powered by battery, with a white exterior it looks great in any kitchen and it could not be easier to use, simply hover a hand over the LED sensor and the lid will open itself.

  • Maximise your kitchen hygiene with this superb Beldray bin that has a fantastic LED sensor so you can open without having to touch it.
  • With a generous 40 litre capacity, the lid is easy to remove so once full, you can empty and replace the bin bag effortlessly.
  • Battery powered, the LED sensor will be triggered by a hand hovering over the light so you can easily dispose of your rubbish.
  • Incredibly easy to use, the bin displays a convenient countdown after it is opened showing when it will automatically close.
  • Featuring a stylish white exterior which brings a modern look to your kitchen, this bin combines practicality and style perfectly.


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