Beldray 6 Piece Microfibre Window Cleaning Set with Collapsible Bucket

RRP: £24.98


Keep your windows sparkling clean with this Beldray six piece set including a telescopic handle so you can even get to the hard to reach areas. The set consists of a durable iron handle, a plastic window wiper, aluminium and rubber lip wiper, two microfibre cloths and collapsible bucket. Use the microfibre cloths to remove grime from your windows, wash them in the collapsible bucket, then finish off with the wiper and allow the rubber lip to wipe the toughest dirt, leaving sparkling clean glass.

  • Achieve a streak free clean using this Beldray window cleaning set including a handle, two wipers, two cloths and a collapsible bucket.
  • Made from iron, the telescopic handle is wonderfully strong and extends out to a length of 130 cm in order to reach the top of windows.
  • The microfibre pads pick up and lock in dirt, containing it rather than pushing it around the glass, guaranteeing an effective clean.
  • Spray the window then use the microfibre pads to free the dirt, grime and grease before eliminating it from the surface using the wipers.
  • Wash the cloths in the grey collapsible bucket; it holds up to 10 litres and can be stored away in the smallest of spaces after use.


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