Beldray 4 Piece Cleaning Set with Extendable Microfibre Mop, Collapsible Bucket and Two Mop Heads



Discover a more efficient way to clean your floors with this fantastic Beldray set containing a microfibre mop, collapsible bucket and two mop refills. The telescopic handle extends up to 120 cm so you can enjoy mopping with a further reach so you can clean into tight spaces or underneath furniture. The highly absorbent microfibre mop head can be replaced with the two refills. The collapsible bucket holds generous 10 litres. After use it can be folded away and easily stored under the sink.

  • Keep your floors wonderfully clean with this brilliant Beldray microfibre mop, collapsible bucket and two additional mop heads.
  • The microfibre mop picks up and locks in dirt, containing it rather than pushing it around the floor, guaranteeing an effective clean.
  • Suitable for most hard floors around your home, microfibre cloths are non-abrasive so do not worry about scratching any surfaces.
  • The mop is extendable to 120 cm to clean hard to reach areas and it also comes with two replacement mop heads.
  • Additionally the set contains a practical collapsible 10 litre bucket, that folds away neatly after use.


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