Beldray Cleaning Brush Set with Scourer, Dish Brush, Bottle Brush and Scrub Brush



Make light work of your cleaning with this fantastic Beldray cleaning brush set. The set includes a scrub brush for removing stubborn dirt, a dish brush to wash your plates, a bottle brush for cleaning bottles and glassware and a wire scourer brush for scrubbing trays and grills. This set has all the essentials for washing up and scrubbing your floors, decking and tiles too. If you’re starting your cleaning collection or just updating it, this set will make your jobs easier.

  • This Beldray brush set has everything you need to keep your home spotless, with a scourer, bottle brush, scrub brush and a dish brush. 
  • Make light work of removing tough stains and burnt on grease from oven racks, BBQs and more with the Steel Wire Scourer Brush.
  • Removing stuborn stains from bottles, cups and narrow containers is simple with the Bottle Brush, it will transform your glassware.
  • Keep your home spotless from top to bottom with the scrubbing brush, fantastic at removing engrained dirt from floors or tiles.
  • Featuring a built-in scraper for ease of use the dish brush is perfect for removing burnt on debris and grease from plates. 


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