Beldray 6 mm Replacement Stove Rope Kit with Glue



This Beldray 6 mm replacement stove rope kit is very easy to use and ideal for sealing the inside of your stove fire. Suitable for most stove fireplaces, the rope measures 6 mm in width and is 2.5 metres long, which you can simply cut to the correct length. The adhesive glue is resistant to ultra-high temperature, and comes in a 50 ml bottle with a nozzle for precise and effortless application. Sealing the door improves the heating process by managing air flow whilst your stove is working.

  • This useful kit by Beldray includes a replacement rope to seal your stove door and a 50 ml bottle of glue for very easy application.
  • Replacing the rope ensures air enters through the vent and not through gaps between the door and stove body for effective heating.
  • The rope measures 2.5 metres in length and 6 millimetres in width, suitable for most stoves, you simply fit to the door seal groove.
  • With easy to follow instructions, the glue has ultra-high temperature resistance and will secure the rope in place with complete ease.
  • The kit will keep your stove in top condition for brilliantly efficient heating, ideal if you need extra warmth in your home every day.


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