Beldray 360 Spin Mop with Foldable Bucket



Discover a more efficient way to clean your floors with this Beldray mop and bucket set. The 360 spin mop ensures that no spot is missed and controls the wringing function after use. The foldable bucket is hygienic to use with a two tier water and wringing system which folds into itself for convenient storage. The mop is lightweight but durable with a highly absorbent microfibre mop head which locks in dirt and grime effectively, leaving your floors brilliantly clean with maximum shine.

  • Clean your floors faster with this fabulous 360 mop which makes light work of grime or dirt, picking it up and leaving nothing behind.
  • The bucket contains a 2 tier system for the wringer and the clean water, to prevent wringing dirty water back into your clean water.
  • A 360 mop head enables you to cover larger surface area much faster, while the foldable bucket makes storage wonderfully convenient.
  • The microfibre mop head picks up and locks in dirt, containing it until washed out in the bucket, guaranteeing a more effective clean.
  • Suitable for all hard floors the mop has powerful cleaning action and enables you to clean fast with no streaks or residue left behind.




I love cleaning but often find it hard to reach every dirty spot on the floor in my house, this results in me mopping the floor more than once a day. As a busy mum, this is something which I do not want to have to keep doing as it is time consuming. Having not used any Beldray products in the past, I was excited to try there 360° Spin Mop with Foldable Bucket. I questioned whether the mop would take long to put together due to it being in 3 parts however once I had read the instructions it took me a matter of seconds to ensure the mop was put up correctly. The bucket was also easy to put up and I soon found myself putting hot water into the bucket along with some cleaning solution. After I had moped the floors I was able to see the finished results. I was able to see that the mop has a powerful cleaning action over hard floors. I was able to see that there were no streaks and very little residue left behind. Overall I was extremely impressed with the 360° Spin Mop with Foldable Bucke

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