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Beldray Sponge Mop with Telescopic Handle



Discover a more efficient way to clean your floors with this fantastic Beldray sponge mop. The telescopic handle extends up to 142 cm so you can enjoy easier mopping with a further reach so you can clean into tight spaces or underneath furniture. Made from iron, the mop handle is lightweight but durable with a highly absorbent sponge mop head which locks in dirt and grime effectively, leaving your floors brilliantly clean and streak free with maximum shine.

  • Keep your floors wonderfully clean with this brilliant Beldray sponge mop featuring a telescopic handle for incredible reach.
  • The sponge mop picks up and locks in dirt, containing it rather than pushing it around the floor, guaranteeing an effective clean.
  • Suitable for most hard floors around your home, soft sponge cloths are non-abrasive so do not worry about scratching any surfaces.
  • This high quality mop is ideal for chemical free cleaning, leaving streak free results with no residue for a safely clean home.
  • Made from durable steel, the adjustable telescopic handle extends from 99 - 142 cm so you can enjoy easy, hassle free cleaning.