Beldray Microwavable Polyester Heat Bag 46cm x 13cm



Specially designed for aching necks and shoulders, this Beldray microwavable heat bag effectively relieves tension and remedies pain. Simply warm up the bag in a microwave to quickly ease aches and pains around your neck and shoulder area, or freeze to use as a cold compress to ease swelling, bruising and sports injuries. Made with 100% polyester and measuring at 46 x 13 cm, the bag provides soothing drug free pain relief and is the perfect shape for wrapping around any areas which need comfort.

  • Revive tense muscles and soothe sore areas with this Beldray microwavable heat bag, a brilliantly simple solution for aches and pains.
  • The soothing blend of heat and soft, fleecy texture effectively relaxes any tension and relieves discomfort from instant application.
  • Made with a smooth polyester outer material for luxurious softness, the bag can be used at home, in the office or whilst travelling.
  • The bag contains wheat grains which heat in the microwave to apply comforting warmth for a completely natural and drug-free remedy.
  • Incredibly flexible and versatile, the bag can target specific pain areas, aiding neck ache, shoulder tension, period pain and more.


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