Beldray 3 In 1 Turquoise Spray Cleaning Duster Set



This Beldray cleaning set includes three interchangeable heads for all of your cleaning needs, with different textures to match the surface you are cleaning. Whether you want to scrub, polish or simply wipe down your worktops, the attachments are incredibly easy to fix to the cleaning wand with Velcro. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, the handle features a water spray reservoir which you simply refill before cleaning and a hook so you can store it away or hang it up to dry out.

  • Make your home spotless using this versatile Beldray cleaning set, with three fabulous cleaning functions built into one handheld tool.
  • The set includes a soft microfibre head, suitable for cleaning worktops, and a chenille head which is perfect for mirrors and windows.
  • An abrasive head is also included, which scrubs away tough dirt brilliantly simply attach your desired head using the Velcro backing.
  • Effortlessly fill the central reservoir of the wand with water and use the one-touch button to spray onto your surface before wiping.
  • The smart design provides fantastic hygiene and control, with a flexible head and a wand measuring 38l x 11.5w x 14h for amazing reach.


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