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Beldray Hot Water Bottle with Fleece Cover, 2 Litre, 33 x 19.5 cm, Cream



Specially designed to provide you with long-lasting warmth, this Beldray hot water bottle also effectively relieves tension and remedies pain. Simply release the screw top lid and fill with up to 2 litres of hot water to quickly ease aches and pains, the bottle will radiate heat for hours of relaxing comfort. Made from natural rubber with a luxury soft fleece cover, keep the bottle by your side as you unwind on the sofa, wrap up in a cosy blanket or climb into bed, for lovely soothing warmth.

  • Revive tense muscles and soothe sore areas with this Beldray 2 litre hot water bottle, a brilliantly simple solution for keeping warm.
  • Made with natural rubber which retains heat for much longer, the water bottle can be used at home, in the office or whilst travelling.
  • The soothing blend of heat and soft-touch fleece effectively provides relaxing warmth and relieves discomfort from instant application.
  • Unscrew the top lid to effortlessly fill the bottle with hot water and apply comforting warmth for a completely natural remedy to pain.
  • Incredibly durable and versatile, the bottle can target specific pain areas, aiding back ache, muscle tension, period pain and more.