Beldray Cleaning Broom with Telescopic Handle



Simple but incredibly effective, this Beldray broom has unique soft bristles which collect dust and dirt with minimal effort required. It also has a fantastic telescopic handle which extends to 1.2 metres and can be easily adjusted to perfectly suit your height so you avoid stretching and straining as you clean. Suitable for use on any surfaces around your home the brush leaves no dirt behind and is wonderfully effective on pet hairs, this broom will make light work of your cleaning.

  • Sweep your hard floors, tiling, carpets, windows and much more using this impressively versatile Beldray cleaning broom.
  • Its telescopic handle provides easy manoeuvrability and comfort, extending up to 1.2 metres to suit your height or cleaning task.
  • This broom is wonderfully effective, the soft bristles are designed to collect any dust, dirt or pet hairs in their path.
  • The extending handle allows you to reach areas that you otherwise could not, perfect for tackling cobwebs on high ceilings or walls.
  • With fantastic dirt collection this broom will leave your floors with a great shine, so you can make light work of your cleaning.


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