Beldray Plastic Clothes Hangers, Pack of 10, Black



De-clutter your wardrobe and reorganise messy storage spaces with these Beldray multi-purpose plastic clothes hangers. Sturdy and durable, the hangers feature a slim design and extra hook for ties or scarves so you can save extra space in your wardrobe. Designed with curved corners, rotating hooks, ridged non-slip shoulders and trouser bars, they are ideal for hanging all types, makes and sizes of clothing. In a stylish neutral black colouring, the hangers would look perfect in any setting.

  • A pack of 10, these multi-purpose plastic Beldray clothes hangers have neutral black colouring to suit any wardrobe or storage space.
  • Made with a strong plastic construction, the ultra slim hangers are resilient and reliable, perfect for simple wardrobe organisation.
  • Measuring 0.75 x 41 x 21 cm, the standard size hangers are a perfect fit for any wardrobe and feature extra hooks for ties and scarves.
  • Ideal for any clothing, they have two pointed hooks at either end for easily arranging vests and t-shirts with straps or loops.
  • These multi-purpose hangers also come with convenient trouser bars, so you can hang all your clothes together and save even more space.


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