Beldray Office Bin Waste Paper Basket, Black



Keep your office or home neat and tidy by throwing any waste paper, discarded items and food wrappers in this Beldray bin. Made from durable plastic with a ribbed design, the solid style ensures that any leaks from canned drinks will be contained in the bin without leaking out onto the floor, helping to keep your carpet clean and hygienic. With a large capacity, the bin will not need to be emptied every day and is compact enough to sit conveniently under your desk ready for when you need it.

  • Store this Beldray bin under your desk at work or in the corner of your living room to throw away rubbish or waste paper.
  • Measuring 30 h x 29 w cm, the bin has a conveniently large capacity so you can fill it up and empty it less frequently.
  • Help the environment and keep one bin for everyday rubbish such as food wrappers and a separate bin for waste paper recycling.
  • The solid design will hold all of your rubbish and prevent any crumbs, spills or half-empty drinks from leaking out onto the floor.
  • Made from plastic, it has a lightweight design which makes it easy to empty even when full, for fast and convenient cleaning.


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