Beldray® Duplex Flat Head Mop and Bucket Set | Built-In Wringer & Dirt-Removing Scraper



Clean various hard floor surfaces with this Beldray flat head mop and bucket set, made from strong, durable plastic for added longevity. The duplex flat mop head covers a larger surface area, and the bucket features a built in wringer and dirt scraper to effortlessly remove grime from the mop. For effortless storage, the 129 cm mop conveniently folds into the bucket and includes a hanging hook. Suitable for vinyl, tiles and wood surfaces, this set is a great cleaning addition for any home.

  • Clean a variety of hard floor surfaces with this Beldray duplex flat head mop and bucket set, made from strong and durable materials.
  • The bucket measures roughly 19 x 16 x 34.5 cm, whereas the mop has a height of 129 cm before it folds into the bucket for storage.
  • A built-in wringer and dirt-scraper completes the bucket, making it much simpler to remove excess water and grime from the mop head.
  • With a 129 cm height, the mop has a duplex flat head which covers a larger surface area for easier cleaning across the floors.
  • Spruce up vinyl, tile and wood floor surfaces then simply fold away the mop to make storage effortless even in the smallest of spaces.


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