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Beldray® Clean & Fresh Microfibre Scrubber Cleaning Pads | 4 Pack | Treated with Ultra-Fresh Anti-Bacterial Protection



Take the effort out of cleaning up with these Beldray Clean & Fresh scrubbing pads, made with Ultra-Fresh protection. Ultra-Fresh provides an added antimicrobial layer of protection to the cloths, allowing them to resist everyday staining and bacteria build up for longer. Double-sided, the abrasive scrubber is great to use on pots, pans, grills and ovens. The softer side is perfect for cleaning tableware, glassware and surfaces. Supplied in a 4 pack, these cloths are an ideal cleaning accessory.

  • Allow cleaning to become wonderfully easy with these Beldray Clean & Fresh cleaning pads, supplied in a pack of four.
  • Made with Ultra-Fresh, an antimicrobial treatment to resist everyday stains and bacteria build up to help keep items fresh for longer.
  • Each scrubbing pad is double-sided, so you can use the abrasive side to easily scrub away tough stains, grease and stubborn dirt.
  • Alternatively, use the softer side for gently cleaning glassware or tableware and for wiping down a variety of household surfaces.
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh protection, these cleaning pads are designed with an ergonomic shape that fits your palm for comfortable use.
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