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Beldray® LA072696EU Recycled Laundry Hamper | Manufactured From Recycled Plastic



Make light work of large loads of laundry with this fantastic Beldray Recycled Laundry Hamper. Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, the laundry hamper has water-resistant lining to help keep stored items dry and features a natural cream coloured body which will look great in any home. With comfortable, convenient carry handles, the bag is a fantastic solution for easily moving laundry up and down the stairs of a busy family home or for short trips to the local laundrette.

  • The Beldray Recycled Laundry Hamper features a generous capacity, a simple but clever solution for dealing with large loads of laundry.
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles which are cleaned, shred, crushed and melted before spinning the plastic into thread.
  • With convenient carry handles for comfortable carrying, the bag is ideal for busy families or student trips to the local laundrette.
  • Approximately measuring 60 x 40 cm, the bag comes in a natural cream colour and is lightweight but durable for long-lasting use.
  • Boasting a generous capacity, fill the hamper with a large load and keep stored items nice and dry with the water resistant lining.
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