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Beldray® Eco Everyday Sponge Scourer | 2 Pack



Have your oven trays, grills and BBQs gleaming in no time with these Beldray Scourers, perfect for everyday use. Wonderfully eco-friendly, the sponges are made from recycled fibres and cellulose with a green scour side which is fantastic for scrubbing everyday tough stains. Great for wiping down surfaces, make use of the cellulose side which is super absorbent and creates more foam so you can guarantee a deeper and more thorough clean. Measuring 11 x 7 cm, these sponges are a home essential.

  • Make light work of removing tough stains and burnt on grease from oven racks, BBQs and more with these Beldray Scourer Sponges
  • Perfect for everyday use, the sponges are made from recycled fibres and cellulose making them an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Featuring a green scour side which is perfect for scrubbing extra tough stains, bringing grills and other appliances back to life.
  • The sponges are designed with a super absorbent cellulose side which creates more foam, great for achieving a deeper clean on surfaces.
  • An essential addition to any household cleaning collection, the sponges measure 11 x 7 cm and will fit comfortably your hand.
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