Beldray Large Reversible Ironing Board Replacement Cover, 137 x 45 cm, Ingrid Leaf Print

RRP: £19.99


If your ironing board is feeling a little old and tired, give it a fresh feel with a fabulous brand new Beldray cover. With two beautiful and colourful designs, this reversible cover is ideal for use with existing Beldray ironing boards or perfect to have as a replacement. Made from 100% cotton and elasticated for a secure fit, the cover is wonderfully smooth so you can achieve gorgeous, crease free clothes in no time.

  • Refresh your ironing board with this simple and stylish Beldray ironing board cover, ideal for use with 137 or 126 cm Beldray ironing boards.
  • Easily reversible and removable, one side of the cover is made from a heat reflective layer for smoother and fresher looking laundry.
  • Measuring 137 x 45 cm, the cover is wonderfully easy to fit and remove in seconds using high-quality super tight pre-tensioned elastic.
  • The cover features a long-lasting felt layer sandwiched between two layers of 100% cotton for soft, safe and well-protected ironing.
  • Ideal for use in the family home, switch between two fun designs with this reversible cover and give a fresher feel to your ironing.


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